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We Used To Be Friends

We Used to be Friends is a podcast dedicated to trying to figure some stuff out, and be warned, we're going to make a lot of mistakes. It's ok, you can laugh all you want! We also have a blog if you want to take a deeper dive into our minds. Wait, that sounds scary... but if you prefer reading to listening, or you want to learn more about how we came to some conclusions, check it out!

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Dec 20, 2021

We sat down with Director Jon Erwin, of films like I Can Only Imagine, October Baby, Mom's Night Out, and American Underdog. Jon talks about making movies with a faith-based message in Hollywood and the team of talent that created this film.

Dec 15, 2021

We finish the conversation with Jessica Malaty Rivera, talking about Covid, a missed opportunity, deaths, and the religious divide. Jessica really lays it out for us, teaching us about infectious diseases and their vaccines. Oh yeah, we also laugh along the way!

Dec 8, 2021

We sit down with Jessica Malaty Rivera, microbiologist and science communication strategist in infectious disease epidemiology, public health policy, and vaccine advocacy. Malaty Rivera is currently the Science Communication Lead for The COVID Tracking Project at The Atlantic. We tackle the myths with Covid!

Nov 23, 2021

Tracy and BJ speak with renowned author Mitch Albom about his newest story The Stranger in the Lifeboat. We also touch on a few of previous books and his work in Haiti. 

Nov 17, 2021

Bj, Josh, and Tracy ask acclaimed author Philip Yancey about prayer, talk about toxic churches, how Jesus made the wrong people heroes, and how the church missed the mark during the Covid pandemic. Even though he was brought up in a racist and judegmental church, Philip has followed his journalistic tendency to seek...